Three-year-old Preston has Autism Spectrum Disorder and Global Developmental Delays. He has been in occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy for two years, and he struggles with self-regulation and self-modulation.

Preston’s parents requested therapeutic listening equipment to help him focus on activities, facilitate motor planning, and provide increased engagement with the world. After receiving this gift, his parents sent MGCA a moving letter:

“Dear My Gym Challenged America,

We would like to graciously thank you for helping provide the much needed therapeutic listening equipment for our son, Preston. We are thrilled that he can continue to make significant breakthroughs in his treatment with this new equipment. We’re hoping it will aid in his daily living and assist with issues that he has struggled with, such as auditory processing, self-regulation, trouble focusing, poor body awareness, etc. In the past two days he has used it, we have already seen progress with his auditory processing ability. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Preston and watch him soar along the way. We cannot express enough how sincerely grateful we are to My Gym Challenged America for giving Preston the opportunity to excel in ways that we have fallen short.

Genuinely thankful,

Katie and Josh Miller”

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