“Momma Jen” adopted three children who were all exposed to drugs and alcohol in the womb. Little Joce (3) was born with no eyes and is hearing impaired. Landyn and Cadyn are 12-year-old twins facing different challenges. Landyn is non-verbal, has mild cerebral palsy in his legs, and suffers with feeding problems; Cadyn has fetal alcohol syndrome and is on the autism spectrum.

Jen recognized the need to enable the children to keep their muscles warmed up for physical therapy sessions in their home and applied for folding exercise mats from MGCA.

After receiving the mats, Jen sent us this letter:

“Thanks so much for the mats; they have been a big hit. Landyn and Cadyn will be 13 next week and growing like weeds. You can tell from the pics that they are excited to do their exercises on the mat. Cadyn has enjoyed the mats so much… Lots of daily stretching and therapy ball exercises to keep those muscles warmed up.

Joce has been very sick and unable to do much, as weak as she’s been. We did get a pic of Joce trying to sit up on the mat! Very proud of her… These mats allow the kids to get excellent in-home therapy and to use their swings, climbers, trampoline indoors safely. Without your help, it would have taken us a while to get the funds together. Thank you to everyone who is involved in helping these beautiful children.”

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