As the surviving twin born at 23 weeks, Zoelle has faced many challenges. She has suffered grade 3 and 4 brain hemorrhages and has a laundry list of medical conditions. Her most severe, however, is quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Zoelle has mixed muscle tone; her head and core control are very weak while both legs are tight, and she cannot sit on her own.

Zoelle’s mom learned about Firefly and all the wonderful products they make for children with special needs. After her research, she saw how beneficial a GoTo Seat would be for Zoelle and reached out to MGCA with her request.

Zoelle’s GoTo Seat has been an incredible benefit in her life. Now she can sit at the dinner table with her family and play on the floor with her sister. She LOVES bubbles and has a blast popping them from her favorite chair!

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