My Gym Challenged America recently received a letter from the mother of one of the girls we’ve helped:

“Olivia has a metabolic disorder: Mitochondrial disease. While Mitochondrial disease affects each person differently, Olivia’s main system targeted is her GI/Motility. As a result, Olivia is central line dependent for calories and hydration. Olivia has had a central line since she was 4 years old. Having a central line obstructs many water play and exercise activities, as Olivia cannot submerge herself in water while the line is accessed without increasing her risk of sepsis. For the last 4 years Olivia has had to miss out on many opportunities due to her line and the limitations it can pose.

This dry suit has opened the door for her to be a kid! With everything she deals with on a day-to-day basis, she now has the opportunity to play worry free and experience the joys of summer days! Thank you so much!”

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