Nicholas is a sweet 5-year-old diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He receives countless hours of different therapies and has come a long way. As Nicholas grows, however, new challenges arise. Nicholas doesn’t know how to cope well when his 9-month-old brother cries and screams, and Nicholas becomes aggressive and frustrated by the sound. This situation has created so much stress and heartbreak in his family, as they have to keep their sons in separate areas of the house to minimize aggression.

Through Occupational Therapy, his family discovered Therapeutic Listening, which is intended to help with sensory processing dysfunctions, and they knew they needed to start the process at home to see long-term improvement, bringing Nicholas a sense of calm.

Cherrymaine and the members of My Gym Rowland Heights were deeply moved by Nicholas’ story, and wanted to help. In January, they came together to raise enough money to purchase a special pair of headphones and music player for Nicholas to use at home. Now he has a special way to calm himself when feeling overwhelmed.

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