Little Elliana was born with microlissencephaly (very small and abnormally smooth brain), and she was missing three-quarters of her brain after it failed to develop following a stroke in utero.

The odds have been stacked against her, but she is living proof that miracles can happen, as evidenced when an MRI showed her perfect heart-shaped brain. Her parents were told she would remain in a “vegetative state” for her entire life, but Elliana has plans of her own. She eats by mouth, was able to come off oxygen support, smiles and laughs and, with the help of therapy, is working to hold her head up and sit with assistance.

Suzanna and the members of My Gyms Lionville and Springfield were inspired by Elliana’s story and wanted to contribute to her growth. They came together and raised enough money to buy a GoTo Seat for Elliana, so now she can sit up unassisted and see the world from a new perspective!

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